iBall plugin for openfire

A few people using wildfire can’t upgrade to the next version (currently openfire 3.3.2) because they need the iBall plugin and it’s original version does not work with the new openfire (See this forum thread). I modified the sources to make it work again.

You can download the plugin as jar file below:

This should be seen as untested beta release. Please feel free to leave a comment, report bugs or success stories :)


Original Version

You can find the original iBall Plugin by Kurt R. Hoehn on sourceforge.

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  1. SlowIce Says:

    Works!! Thansk so much!

  2. bryan Says:

    Thanks for updating this! So far, it works perfectly with Openfire 3.3.2. One small question though: is it supposed to also log MUC (Group Chat) messages? If not, could it? :)

  3. Tony Says:

    So I am using the iball chat but I have a problem every time I start a conversation and then join someone, I get a java error in the openfire server windows, and no more archiving happens.

    I can post the error if need be but any ideas?

  4. shorui Says:

    Muito obrigado, isso facilou muito o meutrabalho, eu uso o openfire 3.3.2

  5. Maicon Nunes Says:

    Thank you very much for this new version of iBall!
    You really saved my life…
    Let me send you a postcard from Brazil…
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. Sergio Says:

    Hi guys,

    I really would like to tank you for the time you took to fix the plugin. I’m using openfire 3.3.2 and your latest version of iball (2.0.1). Also, with openfire I use the gateway plugin to communicate with another networks like MSN and I’m experiencing a problem. When a user from my jabber domain talks to someone from MSN domain iball just logs one way of the conversation meaning, I can see what msn’s user says to jabber’s user but I cannot see the other way around. I’ve checked the db and I see what I have in there. Iball is not writing the two way conversation in the db.
    Any Idea?

  7. Bryan Says:

    Is the latest version (2.0.1) a necessary upgrade? Has the issue that Tony raised been happening to everyone? I’ve tried installing this update, but the administration page for the updated plugin shows a blank page.

  8. Soterion Says:

    Thanks! congratulations from Brazil too

    Openfire + ActiveDirectory + IM msn gateway integration + iball chat log..

    the best solution!

  9. WarriorDeluxe Says:

    Thanks to all for their feedback! Due to lack of time, I can’t always reply immediatly. Sorry for that!

    @sergio: I’ll check it, keep in touch!

    @bryan: it fixes an error with group chats, if you need this feature, you should upgrade!

    @maicon: thx for your feedback, I’d love to receive a postcard from brazil :)

    and of course: Blog + BlogMessenger -> even better ^^

    Niklas Bulitta

  10. Soterion Says:

    Only more one question…
    when the user is associated a msn user… using the gateway IM plugin…

    only the messages ingoing are logeds…..

    the messages outgoing over the msn.. not are loged….

    i hope the words are clean.. ;) my english is not good.

    p.s.: what the user talk with the msn contacts not are loged, only what the contacts talk with the users… ;)

  11. Rob Wynne Says:

    I had not used the previous plugin, but I’ve been looking for something to reasonably log chat messages from the server, and I can’t seem to find a tool to parse the audit logs in a reasonable fashion, so I thought I’d try this.

    It installs with no errors, and i-ball properties shows up on the admin menu, but when I click on it, I get a completely blank screen.


  12. WarriorDeluxe Says:

    Hi Rob,
    I wrote you an email. If there’s an error msg in your logs, this would be really helpful :)


  13. Ryan Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have the same issue as Rob. I have installed the plugin and it looks like its fine but i get a blank page when i go to I-Ball properties..

    Hope you can help me


  14. Rob Wynne Says:

    I just sent Nik the grep from my error.log. Hopefully it will shed some light on the subject.

  15. Rickie Says:

    It looks like it has issues creating the tables if you’ve tried installing an older version previously. Can the code be modified to drop the old tables somehow?

  16. WarriorDeluxe Says:

    I’m very sorry to announce that due to lack of time I have not the power to maintain this package. There are so many features which could be implemented and which I’d love to do. So if there is anyone who’d like to maintain this package, I can link to him/her.

    Also someone told me there ís a new development of an auditor plugin for openfire going on, but I can’t remember the name. google may help :)

  17. Visualizador de Logs do OpenFire « Mistura p/ ver no que dá Says:

    […] ao visualizador de logs, o I-Ball Chat Auditor (versão adaptada) permite visualizar as conversas de acordo com o critério escolhido na busca, que pode ser por […]

  18. Marcelo Vilar Says:


    Muito bom, valeu =D

  19. Ryan Says:

    “Missing database schema for iball. Attempting to install…

    iball_auditor-2.0.1 – Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database.”

    Can anyone shed some light on this error and what I need to do to fix it so I can use this new version of iball? This error comes when loading openfire, and iball is there, but does not have anything to search through.


  20. Maicon Nunes Says:

    Send me your postal address!

  21. Marcelo R. Becher Says:

    Hello all,

    I’m having this problem too..

    iball_auditor-2.0.1 – Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database.”

    Anybody solved this problem?

  22. la nueva Says:

    I’ve been using the IM Gateway, but now i have a problem, i want to disable some users to chat over msn… i’ve tried changing my policies on the active directory, but it doesn’t work, any other solution?…

    hope you can help

  23. Marcelo Terres Says:

    I’m having the same problems.

    Logs reporting that “Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database.”. I install the tables manually and the message persist.

    And when I click IBall properties I recieve a blank page, and sometimes the logs are reporting the DB problem.

    Anybody can help me ?

    I’m using Openfire 3.4.1


  24. Marcelo Terres Says:

    La Nueva.

    In IM Gateway you can link a jabber account with an MSN account.

    Just don’t link the accounts from the users you don’t want. But you need to link all the others accounts manually for this works, cause if you permit that anybody uses the gateway you’ll lose the control (and this is your problem).

    It needs more manual work but it is more safe.

  25. Luiz_Brazil Says:

    Wooohooo!!! it really works! I’ve downloaded the newest version but in the properties page i receive a blank page, so, i “downgraded” to the 2.0.0 version and works better! thnx!!!!

    my config is:
    Openfire 3.4.3 + MySQL + WinXP sp2 (Linux coming soon)+ Asterisk-IM + FileTransferDisabler + Gateway IM + I-Ball Chat Auditor 2…
    now my jabber is complete… hehe

  26. vlad Says:

    It seems there are some of us that are getting this error”Missing database schema for iball. Attempting to install…
    iball_auditor – Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database.”

    Are there any solutions for this? Please advise

    Thank you

  27. Ricardo Says:

    I want to give thank for this pluggin, is perfect for the administrators
    I have a question, How can I for clean the log ? I have openfire with the embeded DB, I don’t have a lot of users

    Thank you

  28. Sergio Says:

    Hi there,
    Any idea when it will be updated? the latest version 2.0.1 has some issues regarding cross conversation between networks (MSN and Jabber for instance) I get only one side of the chat. Also, I’m still getting “Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database.” …
    btw ..I’d like to thank you for your work ..it’s awesome.
    thx again,

  29. Marconius Says:


    I would like to thank you as well for your work. Would it be possible for you to figure out what is causing the error:

    Missing database schema for iball. Attempting to install…
    iball_auditor – Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database.

    I had used the old iball but can’t upgrade to a new server without some sort of chat logging. Any help you could give would be great. Thanx.

  30. Radek Says:


    The I-Ball Chat Search works fine for me as an administrator. However, I would like to enable this search to all users. Maby make it available on some other website. How could I do it withouth giving them access to the admin console?


  31. André Says:

    Good morning Mr. Soterion Says

    I have the same problem you…

    Were you able to resolve?

    Send me your email, please?


  32. vikash jha Says:

    Cool it helped me ….

  33. Tony Says:

    Just wondering if anyone has upgraded to 3.5.0 yet with iBall and if so did they find any problems?

  34. Leo Says:

    Como faço para configurar o banco de dados ? tem um nome de banco, usuário e senha padrão ? como faço para especificar o servidor do banco de dados ?

  35. Mauricio Says:

    Hello all,

    I’m having the same problems with “iball version 2.0.1″ in “Openfire version 3.6.0″

    1. Load the Iball plugin using openfire console, any problem.

    2. In the User/Group i see the option “Chat Log Search” > “I-Ball Chat Search” (User/Group, Message, Select Date(s):

    3. i try any search whit correct parameter and not view report table, but neither see error messages.

    Are there any solutions for this? Please advise

    Thank you


  36. Urthmover Says:

    3.6.0 you have Admin Console > Server > Archiving This allows you to audit all one-on-one and group chats witrh a high level of configurability for both the logging and searching. In addition you can export as a pdf.

    Here is a shot of the settings:

    Conversation State Archiving:
    Record who talks to who, how long their conversations last, and the number of messages in each conversation. The actual message contents will not be recorded unless message archiving is enabled.
    Message Archiving:
    Archive the full text of all messages sent between users. Message text will be searchable using keywords.
    Archive one-to-one chats
    Archive group chats
    Only archive conversations of the following room names (separated by comma)
    Idle Time:
    The number of minutes a conversation can be idle before it’s ended.
    Max Time:
    The maximum number of minutes a conversation can last before it’s ended.

  37. Gulli Baer Says:

    To solve the following problem:

    Missing database schema for iball. Attempting to install…
    iball_auditor – Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database.

    Go into the database directory of the plugin and change the following line

    INSERT INTO jiveID VALUES (57,1);



  38. SS Says:

    How do i clean chat logs?


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